Hack Android Smartphone in 30 seconds

Nowadays, People are obsessed in using a smartphone and Is it possible to hack a smartphone in less than 30 seconds?  Yes, it just takes less than 30 seconds to hack a smartphone for a hacker.

NOTE: This tutorial is only designed for educational purpose only. To create an awareness and protect yourself from these kind of attacks. Anonywise or Anonywise authors do not accept responsibility for anyone who thinks it is a good idea to try to use this to compromise systems that do not belong to you.

Before getting into the tutorial, Let us know few basics about the Kali Linux which we are going to use for test purposes. You can even use the windows Operating system to do the same but, Linux is preferable .


1. Metasploit Framework.
2. Target device and attacker should be on the same network(Wifi).
3. Android Smartphone.

The Metasploit framework is an open source package specially designed for pen-testers and security researchers to create the payload and exploit the target device. It has around 499 payloads and 1693 exploits. its has various payloads for different devices it includes Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, Vmware etc. If you are not aware of the terms payload and exploit, find it here.

Step 1

Note your IP address. Find your IP address using the command ipconfig (for Windows) and ifconfig (for Linux).

For this tutorial attacker, IP address is (change this with your IP address).

Step 2

Creating the payload:

type the below command in terminal,

 Reverse_tcp= A reverse_tcp connection is usually used to bypass firewall restrictions on open ports. A firewall usually blocks incoming connections on open ports but does not block outgoing traffic.

LHOST=Attacker IP

R> = to specify the destination and file name.

Once the payload is generated install the app on the target Android phone. Apk can be transferred via email or web server or file sharing as preferred.

Step 3

Load Metasploit console, by typing

Need to set up a listener. we can set up a listener by the below command.

Step 4

It’s time to hack

Use the command exploit to hack the target device.


this command will start the meterpreter session.

You can able to dump call logs, sms , contacts,  send SMS, execute a specific command, take photos , stream videos and do much more things. Use the help to see the list of commands.

How you can protect yourself from these attacks,

1. Don’t connect to public Wifi.
2. Don’t install the unauthorized application.
3. Use the intrusion detection applications(antivirus).
4. Install applications only from trusted providers.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in comment session.

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