Facebook bug: 14 million users’ posts made public!


In short: It looks like another bug had hit Facebook so hard, as it suggested 14 million users’ new posts public, however, the security preferences was set to private.

The bug which affected over 14 million users was made to spotlight by the Social media giant on their blog post last week. A technical glitch which made the posts of the users’ to the public. If you had posted any newer posts between May 18 and May 27 then you were one among the victims.

“We recently found a bug that automatically suggested posting publicly when some people were creating their Facebook posts.”

The audience selector:

On every occurrence of a post you share something on Facebook, there is an audience selector which you can use it to decide who can view the post on your profile. For an instance, if you tag it under friends only, then the post can only be viewed by your friends. And as a result of this recent software glitch, the users’ posts were automatically suggested to the public.

The alert which is being sent to affected users.

To make it pretty transparent, the Chief Privacy Officer also emphasized that the bug did not affect any of the users’ posts that were posted before. He has also told that this bug occurred as they were creating a new way to share the feature items on to the users’ profile. As they were working on this, the shared items were set to the public which in turn caused this issue.

“Today we started letting the 14 million people affected know – and asking them to review any posts they made during that time.” said the Chief privacy officer.

The bug has now been fixed which elapsed 5 days to fix the 14 million users’ . Facebook is now sending notifications to the users’ who were affected by this bug and Along with this, users audience settings were set to what they had been using before.

Looks like the bug had already ruined the privacy of the users whose private posts were made to the public audience.

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