Easy methods to manually crash windows

There are numerous methods to crash an operating system.Similarly, there is a huge number of solutions to fix a crashed system.Try these methods in the virtual environment as some of the methods require complete re-installation of OS.Following are the 5 easy steps to crash an windows operating system.

1. .bat will do the magic

  • Open your notepad and create an infinite loop of command prompts.

  • Save it as a .bat file

  • Execute the file.This will create infinite prompts thus crashing the system.

This method recoverable and is applicable to any windows OS.PC will hang immediately after executing the above file since memory utilization will be high.Just use the power button to shut down the PC. Start the PC and it will operate normally.

2. bootmgr, the heart of boot process

  • Go to the drive(mostly C:\) in which you have installed the windows.Click view->Options->folder options->view.check show hidden files and uncheck hide protected OS files.

  • It will display the all the hidden OS files.Delete the bootmgr file using admin rights.
  • restart the PC and it will throw an error and it will not boot.
  • This is applicable to Windows 7/8/10, it is replaced by another file called ntdlr in XP, NT,2003. In order to recover, you should have a bootable cd/usb and change the boot option in BIOS to cd/usb.click system repair->syustem restore to restore the OS.

3.SVChost, csrss, PowerShell, wininit services love the blue screen of death

  • Open task manager with admin rights and give end process to any one of the above services or open command prompt and kill svchost or csrss service.

  • Or execute both powershell.exe and wininit.exe in command prompt.
  • All these steps will result in blue screen of death.

4.registry is everything

  • Go to run and type regedit.exe and click enter.

  • You will enter the registry.

  • Delete all the files you can, inside HKEY_CURRENT_USER and   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  • restart the machine and you will see that the OS has crashed.System restore from system repair will help to restore.

5. System32, the killswitch of a system

  • With admin privilege delete the system32 folder manually.
  • Or use the command prompt with admin rights and type any of the below commands

rd C:/ \s \q


del c:\windows\system32\*.*/q

which ultimately leads to crashing of windows.This requires re-installation of OS.

Apart from these methods, there are many methods to crash windows.This will be useful when someone needs to change their OS or in order to segregate a PC from an active directory.But don’t try this in machines that are in production since some of these methods are irrecoverable.

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